BINT: A Conversation with Ghinwa Jawhari - The Adroit Journal

By Anthony Thomas Lombardi

April 2021

"ATL: I’m not interested in poems that seek answers—I don’t care about answers—I want more questions. Getting lost is a big part of that. If you don’t get lost in your work, you’re not discovering anything. If the poetry doesn’t bend toward some fundamental, or elemental, truth, what are you writing for?"

In Review: BINT by Ghinwa Jawhari - VAGABOND CITY

By Summer Farah

April 2021

"The collection is succinct and accessible with some of the most brilliant voltas I have had the pleasure of reading; it is apt that a book that explores girlhood and the transition out of it uses turns in the best way, with resolves leaving me breathless and inquisitive."